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About Highvac Corporation

Highvac Corporation was established in 1993 by John Catalano, an entrepreneur and inventor at heart. Prior to starting Highvac, John was engaged full time in various capacities of the vacuum pump industry since 1979, working with major global OEMs such as Edwards, Ebara, Alcatel, Leybold, Busch, Kashiyama, and others with a primary product focus on semiconductor vacuum. Working for his father’s company, Semivac, in Silicon Valley, John recognized a need for vacuum pump repairs in Colorado Springs. He asked his father, Fred, if he was interested in starting a branch to support the burgeoning semiconductor scene at the foot of Pike’s Peak. Fred’s words, as he recalls them, were: “Why the hell would I want to do that?” So, with his father’s blessing, John packed up his family, headed east, and started Highvac. After more than 25 years of success supporting the semiconductor industry’s insatiable appetite for vacuum pumps, Highvac remains one of the leading independent suppliers of vacuum and abatement solutions to the semiconductor, LCD, and solar industries. Highvac specializes in providing quality solutions with a focus on decreasing cost of ownership, increasing uptime, and ultimately making vacuum and abatement systems “transparent to operations”. With the introduction of our EcoGuard(TM) “Point of Use” (PoU) gas abatement systems, innovative vacuum pump solutions, and world class onsite service contracts, Highvac strives to deliver quality products, provide excellent customer service, and never stop improving.