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Rebuilds & Exchanges

Trade Up

If you purchased a pump, you can send your used pump back for "core" credit.

Before sending:

  • Obtain an RMA (Return Material Authorization) by sending a completed HSC Form (Health and Safety Clearance)

When sending:

  1. Include the RMA ID
  2. Include a printed copy of the completed HSC Form if possible
  3. Leak-proof all ports (inlet, outlet, etc.)


Upon request, HIGHVAC will provide a standard rebuild quote, which includes an eval fee, replacement of standard wear components, and the associated labor. Pay the eval fee to receive an RMA (Return Material Authorization) to send your pump in for Eval.

Upon receipt of your product, HIGHVAC will evaluate and provide a revised quote according to any required additional parts and/or labor.

With rotary vane pumps, we often find that replacement is more cost effective or comparable to repair. If this is the case, we will also quote a replacment option.

After receiving payment of the revised quote, Highvac will proceed with the rebuild or sale and ship the pump back upon completion.

Field Replacement Pump Module

If you own a HIGHVAC RVP series 36, 50, 70, or 110, you can purchase a field replacement pump module and easily swap out your pump module without removing your pump system. Scrap your used pump module or pay a disposal fee and send the pump to HIGHVAC for disposition.